Our Mission

To launch your warehouse to higher levels of profitability by making fulfillment easier and more efficient. Our tribes are small to medium-sized warehouse and e-commerce businesses. Coming from the e-commerce and warehouse sector ourselves, we are laser-focused on bringing the best technology and best practices to fulfillment to make our client’s warehouses insanely profitable and efficient.

Our Story

We are a committed crew of industry professionals that brought our talents together to help bring enterprise-level speed and efficiency to the fulfillment process in warehouses and 3PL’s. RockitShip was created by three entrepreneurs that achieved success in different ways but had one thing in common. All three grew their former company’s from the bottom, fueled them with hunger and commitment, and achieved great success.

Saud is a successful tech entrepreneur who founded, bootstrapped and sold his last software as a service company to a highly respected private equity firm in a multimillion-dollar acquisition.

Jason has spent decades creating technology solutions for some of the best brands in the world. He has scaled a highly sought-after firm to bring solutions to life for firms looking to work with premium onshore and nearshore talent.

Joel has spent decades scaling his warehouse and fulfillment business. His natural tendency is to obsess about efficiency, which led him on a path of looking for software solutions tailored specifically for the warehouse environment that could leverage technology to increase fulfillment efficiency. He was not happy with anything he saw. In true Joel fashion in 2014, he built his own software for his warehouse and fulfillment operation and has spent every year since making it better. He is routinely asked by entrepreneurs who run a warehouse-related business to give tours of his warehouse and software, as his reputation as an efficiency expert in the industry has spread.

In 2020 a common friend brought these three entrepreneurs together as he saw how complimentary their skills were. By combining their superpowers together, RockitShip was born. RockitShip helps warehouses across North America by combining years of practical real-world expertise in warehousing and fulfillment with enterprise-grade innovation and technology to produce warehouses that grow exponentially while achieving unimaginable efficiencies.

Our Core Values

Exponential Growth: We are committed to the exponential growth of our clients and of RockitShip.
Efficiency: We believe our client's warehouses should have all wasteful actions eliminated. We believe less is more and only add features if it will add growth and profitability to our clients’ warehouses.
Teach: We are responsible for being more knowledgeable than anyone else on warehouses. When we leave our clients they turn to each other…and they say “They GET, it!”
Innovate: We are constantly tinkering with new technology in our dedicated warehouse lab and will bring it to our clients if it will impact their bottom line. 
Truth: We understand that unwavering honesty is what builds long-term relationships. 
Fun: We understand that we are a weird bunch that is enthusiastic about simplifying warehouses and bring this infectious passion to our work and clients every day.
Fans: We are committed to earning loyal fans and not clients and will continuously pursue this status through the high level of our service.
Health: We believe in life-work balance, in that order, and will make choices to support the holistic health of all of our stakeholders and the communities around us.
Empower: We love all beliefs, colors, cultures, genders, and nationalities and will empower and take chances on people that have been historically overlooked.